About Me

                  An electronic music dj and producer based out of northern New Jersey that has been resident dj at NJ’s Drangonfly and Loop Lounge. Originally being a native of nyc for 12 years it had a big influence on his open mind to musical sounds from classical music all the way to metal rock and electro. Having done parties for metal crowds, and hip hop all the way to hard electro and drum n bass. He has been dj’ing for 16+ years and producing for 9+ years now releasing many tracks and mixes. “When it comes to playing live I try to keep things fresh and exciting every time finding new songs and ways to make the live performance entertaining and interactive even showing people my live rig whenever possible and have them see what I do its more fun for the crowd and me both when dj’ing and doing live production”.

                   His latest shows have been Webster Hall and Pacha NYC. Past events have included being the resident dj at Dragonfly NJ, Zarco Lounge, Juliette Supper Club NYC, Biggies NJ, The Four L’s, Barkada Lounge, as well as his favorite place Loop Lounge where he played along side and for Alex Plus, DJ Victrola, and DJ Stoppay. Has worked with the likes of Richie Rydell, Anthony Nero, Mario Callegari, Lil C, along with 92.3 as well as performing with Dubloadz, AFK, and other local artists through the years. He has been advertised through the clubs themselves along with ads in stepping out magazine and on the radio with 92.3 now. 




                        Taking a deeper dive ive been dj’ing for 16+ years since the age of twelve when receiving my first turntable and mixer setup. Since that first set of tables (thanks mom!) I have since then taken a deep drive to learning, perfecting, and twisting the trade into my own style of the sound and actual performance of playing. I previously went as “Dj Freakstyle” (turntablist battle name) as I started to get my style while joining the turntablism scene and getting to the point of entering two Guitar Center Spinoff’s (scratch dj competitions) where I took third place two years in a row at the age of 16 the first year and 17 the next. From there I decided to take that style into my original love of production being a fan and friend of “Dj Excess” at the time I got into a mixed live performance rig involving Ableton Live software production, while still dj’ing. This dive into the technological forefront of dj’ing/live production threw me into a slow building of a style of Electronica with turntablist influence of how to play it out messing with songs adding effects even doing my own remixes to completely give songs a new style that fit me better while also bringing the showmanship of a battle DJ and having them see what I do on stage when I can.

                      My Djing, production, recording, advertising, lighting, and even visuals through out my career to this day still has been a one man operation. I make all my own flyers bring my own lighting and visual equip to shows if necessary do all my live production building myself. This long period of trial and error has made me amazingly efficient in everything it takes to throw a great show. I study music visual and lighting technology regularly and like to see how things work (originally how i got working at Dragonfly NJ as lighting guy and sound tech) and take that knowledge to help me build better live shows, new equipment/visuals, and even better advertising.