It’s been too long… Random ramblings of my disappearance and return.

8 Apr

            It has been a while since I have posted any news up here being so busy it has felt like forever to me. I have been so busy starting and taking care of a new business venture which you may now know as “Bodega Bass Records”. This was a long overdue idea I have been holding onto of starting my own record label and it has finally happened. With most of the boring stuff out of the way finally I can get back onto the fun things like getting my new songs done for an upcoming album, sharing fun stories, and getting some shows together. 

            I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything about shows that is because I am no longer playing in hoboken at the moment due to issues with the venues management that my booking agency is working on but I am in the works with my label on getting some nice large shows going locally in new jersey areas that can be easier to get to and more fun overall for me and fans alike. I wish i could share more but I would rather wait until I get a confirmed list of venues and details.

           I feel that lately I have been learning a lot more not only in music but in life. I have realized that one of the best compliments I have ever received in my life is from fellow DJ Alex Plus aka Sushi Samson saying that I am “one of the most persistent mother#&%$” he has ever met. I look at that and all the 13 years now that I have been in the dance music scene and through the good and bad something is always learned that I am grateful for the people that support, push, and appreciate what I do. It gives me even more inspiration for my music keeps me straight and focused and helps me discover new ideas within myself best yet making myself ultimately happy. I haven’t made it into the big leagues yet but thats not what its about for me its me being happy bringing ideas to life and sharing them with the world to enjoy. 

        I look forward to this weather getting progressively better now. The temperature is rising and so are the ideas in my head as well as fellow artist in my record label and we are gonna just have fun this summer showing the world what we can do. Now that all the key components to me starting a business have been completed its time to kick into overdrive  so i will be sharing some song previews of whats in the works this week hope you enjoy! 


18 Jan

So if you don’t already know we have DUSKO playing live sets this week on so tune in everyday this week for some great music from DUSKO live!





Day 1 Bodega Bass Records Mixify Podcast Success

2 Jan

Tonights radio broadcast courtesy of was a success and we thank everyone who attended we look forward to many more 30 days to be exact of fun great sounding dj sets. We will be back tomorrow at 9pm. Enjoy!

If you missed tonights podcast download it here and enjoy it whenever you want! Day 2 will be even more exciting!


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DJ ARMOR Upcoming Shows!

18 Dec Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.20.23 PM

This Saturday I will be back at The Four L’s Hoboken NJ for our weekly EDM night the last one was cancelled due to snow so it will feel good to be back  and look forward to bringing the heavy bass back  to hoboken. Next friday I will be playing live at Blaze Bar in Clifton NJ for a fun night filled with ugly christmas sweaters, good drink’s, and amazing tunes all night EVENT LINK BELOW and then followed saturday by another night at The Four L’s Hoboken NJ.





New Live Mix Posted On Mixcloud

13 Dec

Hey guys my latest podcast live from The Four L’s Hoboken NJ is now on Mixcloud for your listening pleasure so follow this link and enjoy!


Good things come eventually.

7 Dec

So after a long time running I finally have been able to sit down with my fellow musician EMVY to work on a new remix idea he had. This is something that We have been long waiting for even tho we are co workers at our day job life’s tasks have kept us working from a distance emailing tracks back and forth. But today we were able to chill out and work on a sweet new remix of Lady Gaga “applause” the previews already Getting tons of likes including one from Gareth Emery himself! So be on the look out for that being released soon!




Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

28 Nov

Hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving and good luck with your black friday shenanigans!



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